Recipes by Country




The "Merry" Minty Mimosa:

  • 2 parts champagne
  • 1 part pear liquor
  • 1 sprig of mint
  • 1 star anise for a floating garnish




Christmas Bellini:


Add cranberry juice (to taste) to freshly purees blueberries and mix with champagne. Fill the glass with 1/4 puree and 3/4 champagne. Top with mint leaves and serve.  




Rasberry Mint Mimosas:


Muddle chamboard with mint leaves.  Fill cup with 1/3 chambord mixture and 2/3 champagne (use a splash of the chambord if you prefer more champagne).  Garnish with raspberries, a chocolate stick and mint leaves for a fun mistletoe and candy look.  




Champagne Mojito:


Muddle mint leaves with 1/2 of a lime, 2 tbl. spoons of white sugar or simple syrup and combine with 1/4 part of sweet champagne and fill the rest with your favorite rum.  




Chocolate Ice Wine & Cranberry Martini:


Add 2/3 cup of chocolate ice wine to a shaker and then add a splash of cranberry juice that has been muddled with mint leaves.  Add a splash of soda water for a bubbly affect and garnish with mint leaves and cranberries.  




Cranberry Cabarnet Mint Spritzer:


  • 1 bottle of Cabarnet Sauvingon
  • 1/2 cup of peach brandy
  • 1/4 cup of cranberries
  • a couple sprigs of mint leaves


Combine the mixture with 2/3 mixture to 1/3 part soda water.  You can reverse this if you prefer a lighter and more refreshing taste like we did on the image.  




Mint Bombay Bellini:


Puree manhos and mint leaves together.  Combine at 1/3 mixture to 2/3 puree in a tall glass and garnish with mint leaves and a star anise.  




Christmas Sangria:


Combine 1 bottle of your favorite Rioja and add in a generous portion of mint leaves (muddled with simple syrup or triple sec if you really want a minty taste), cranberries for decor and sliced strawberries and peaches.  (Make sure to smash some of the strawberries and peaches for the juice and add to taste).  Let the mixture sit in your refridgerator and then add in sweet apple slices and a few chunks of pineapple or organge to add a citrus taste to it.  


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