How to Deal With Uninvited Wedding Guests


Whether they bring a wedding gift or not, are invited by a friend or just show up because a door is opened, wedding crashers are always inevitable.  

Instead of looking like the bad guy and throwing them out, here are 11 fun ways to passively aggressively deal with wedding crashers.  


1. Hand them a microphone and ask for a funny joke, or their fondest memory of the bride and groom, during the speeches.

2. Make them part of the service staff. Someone needs to assist the Maid of Honor.

3. Make them the babysitter and sit them at the children’s table.

4. Sit them somewhere uncomfortable.

5. Let the bartender know they have to use cash at the open bar.

6. Tell the bartender to only pour non-alcoholic for them.

7. Make an introduction to your talkative and lonely relative.

8. Ask for the gift so you can place it on the table (assuming they walk in without one).

9. Greet them at the door, insist they’re someone you knew from high school, tell everyone bogus stories about your teenage escapades together.”

10. Ask for their dietary needs. Unfortunately the only thing available is the side salad, but they can have two.

11. Ignore them.  Wedding crashers always come.  It’s your big day, don’t let them bother you.